Bear Island Triple Hopped Lager Mini Keg (5L)


8.8 pints. Full flavoured, fridge friendly.

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These mini kegs contain around 8.8 pints – the perfect size for sharing at a BBQ, or for keeping in the fridge and enjoying a freshly poured pint at home.

Bear Island – an island once sat within the grounds of the Brewery in Faversham Creek. Over the centuries much strange cargo landed here, including ‘one bear and his keeper’.

Bear Island Triple Hopped Lager is a new, hop-forward 4.6% lager from Britain’s oldest brewer. Distinctive in both flavour and design, the bright colour pallet reflects the burst of tropical fruit aromas such as mango and passion fruit, which derive from the US mosaic hops used as a dry hop in the final of three hopping stages of the brew.

ABV: 4.6%


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