10kg Hydrosoft Water Softener Tablets


Hydrosoft Water Softener Tablets, High Purity Vacuum Salt Water Softening Tablets. 10kg. Suitable for use in all tablet water softeners in areas of hard water.



These Water Softener Tablets are compacted using the latest technology, so they will not fall apart. With nothing added and nothing taken away, these are the purest water softening salt tablets on the market. They will ensure the best results for your water softener.

These tablets are recommended for all types of water softeners for lime scale prevention. Softened water provides cost savings in the service, maintenance and replacement of water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and showers. Softened water improves the efficiency of hot water and heating systems. It also reduces scaling and staining in bathrooms and kitchens.

Tough packaging ensures easy handling and storage.

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