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Wherever you are and whatever your event, GBW Supplies can help bring the party to you. Our fantastic mobile bar is perfect for parties, festivals, functions, outdoor bars and corporate events, and is available for you to hire at a great, competitive rate. Just a few of our clients have used our mobile event bars at hotels, clubs, pop-up restaurants, pubs and weddings – it’s flexible and customizable crafting making it perfect for a vast range of events.

GBW has several flexible mobile bar options available for you. Our modular bar can be fashioned at either 2m or 4m lengths. Electric lines, refrigeration and gas are all supplied within the installation package, and a variety of branded fonts are available for you to choose from to customize the bar for your event. As a bonus, a full glass service is available on request.

Alternatively, you can have the bar built on a pallet base, meaning it has a customizable height as well as protection from the ground – a detail which becomes particularly useful if you are hosting an outdoor event such as a festival or fair. For both these options, installation and assembly are included as part of the overall hire package.

Both bar options have a classic chalkboard front, which can be used for promotions, price-lists or images. These bars are fully customizable for your needs, with a range of fonts and options available to you. If you have any questions or requests regarding hiring our mobile event bars, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with GBW Supplies.


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